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    The McFarland online catalog contains the most up-to-date information about McFarland’s offerings.

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    Seasonal New Books Catalogs:
    McFarland New Books for Spring 2024  (1/24)
    McFarland New Books for Fall 2023 (6/23)
    Exposit Books 2022 (6/22)
    Toplight Books 2022 (7/22)

    Recent Subject Catalogs:
    Automotive Books (10/22)
    Horror Books (10/22)
    True Crime Books (6/22)
    Medieval Studies (5/22)
    Futurology, Environment & Society (4/22)
    Celtic Studies (3/22)
    Wrestling Books (1/22)
    Dogs in History & Culture (1/22)
    Literature (12/21)
    Mythology & Folklore (12/21)
    Food, Drink & Culture (11/21)
    Boxing Books (9/21)
    Music Books (9/21)
    Books about Metal (9/21)
    Afghanistan & International Studies Books 2021 (8/21)
    Chess Books (8/21)
    Gaming Books (8/21)
    Harry Potter Books 2021 (7/21)
    Olympic Books (7/21)
    Superhero Books (7/21)
    LGBTQ Books (6/21)
    Military History Books (5/21)
    Science Fiction Books (5/21)
    Star Wars Books (4/21)
    Body, Mind & Spirit Books (4/21)
    Cannabis Studies Books (4/21)
    Kaiju Books (3/21)
    Baseball Books (3/21)
    Women’s Studies Books (3/21)
    Romance Books (2/21)
    African American Studies (2/21)
    Martial Arts on Screen (1/21)
    Vikings in Literature and Pop Culture (12/20)
    Books about the Holidays (11/20)
    Books about the U.S. Presidents (10/20)
    Nursing Books (8/20)
    Transportation Books (6/20)
    Sports Books (5/20)
    Performing Arts & Pop Culture Books (5/20)
    Democracy & Culture Books (3/20)
    Philosophy & Ethics (1/20)
    King Arthur Books (9/18)

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