More Than 70% of Older Americans Feel Younger Than They Actually Are And Are Embracing Aging

More Than 70% of Older Americans Feel Younger Than They Actually Are And Are Embracing Aging

Age is nothing but a number for most older Americans, as 84% said they have embraced aging—and they’re living their best lives.

A survey of 2,000 people 65 and older found nearly three-quarters (72%) of people feel younger than they are, with half saying they feel younger than 50-years-old.

The average person stops caring what others think of their age at 43, and over one-third of those polled said that being able to say what you want is one of the best things about getting older.

As older Americans enjoy their golden years, people cited the best parts of aging as having more time to do what they want (64%) and enjoying retirement (60%).

Another recent poll showed that 45% of Americans aged 50 and older reported having the best sex of their lives as they’ve aged. The survey found that 35% are surprisingly more intimate than ever before.

Conducted by OnePoll on behalf of ClearMatch Medicare, the results showed that 58% of elders are also tapping into their younger selves by using social media to communicate with their family and friends.

“Baby boomers are reinventing what it means to age, and they resent those outdated stereotypes of older adults,” said Keira Krausz, chief marketing officer at ClearMatch Medicare.

“They’re not letting their age interfere with their quality of life because the best years of their lives are still ahead of them.”

84% of older Americans are confident in their understanding of online safety, and reported are aware of online risks.

“Older adults today are well-equipped to utilize technology to choose goods or services they need—the shift to quarantine as a result of COVID has proved that,” said Krausz.


Having more time to do what I want (64%)
Retiring (60%)
Having more time to relax (56%)
Spending time with my family (49%)
Being able to say what I want (36%)

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