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Staying Connected with McFarland (Covid-19 Update 6/2/2021)
McFarland anticipates that many of our staff members will be working remotely for at least the next few months, if not longer. Email has generally been the most efficient way to reach us; more so now that staffers aren’t in the office.
  • Book Proposals: Feel free to direct your query or proposal to the attention of a specific editor, but it is best emailed to  so that it is expedited into our proposal evaluation process.
  • Orders: Use our  or .  Book orders and shipments are proceeding as usual.
  • Exam Copies for Professors: Use our .
  • Publicity Inquiries & Digital Review Copies: Use our .
  • General Mailbox: 

Book Proposals:
General Mailbox:

Phone & Fax: (Please use email during quarantine.)
Tel: 336-246-4460
FAX: 336-246-5018

Order Lines: (Please use email or our during quarantine.)
Orders only Tel: 800-253-2187
Orders only FAX: 336-246-4403
(Or, use our or email us.)

Mailing Address:
Box 611
Jefferson NC 28640

Physical Address / Driving Directions:
960 NC Hwy 88 W
Jefferson NC 28640